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I ate an apple yesterday.
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I eat apples.
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I will eat an apple tomorrow.
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I was eating an apple when
you called last night.
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I am eating an apple.
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I will be eating an apple for
lunch tomorrow.
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I had eaten five apples
before I became ill.
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I have eaten 21 apples so far
this week.
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I will have eaten all of the
apples before you come over
to my house tomorrow.
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Perfect Progressive
I had been eating apples
for twenty minutes when
you called me on the phone
last night.
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I have been eating apples
for fifty years.
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I will have been eating
apples for 51 years on my
next birthday.
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There are three tenses in the English language: Past, Present, and Future. Each tense has four aspects: simple, progressive,
perfect, and perfect progressive. Each of these can be active or passive. Hence: 12 active and 12 passive verb aspects.
everything you ever wanted to know about verb aspects but were afraid to ask
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The most common grammar
error in America is verb
choice. Over half of all
Americans will make an
embarrassing verb error
today. Will you be one of
The most common error made by less
educated Americans is using the past
participle instead of the past tense verb.

"I seen a large bird flying high in the sky."
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